Friday, March 27th

8:00pm – 11:00pm

Spartan Stores YMCA

5722 Metro Way, Wyoming, MI 49519

EGM youth will be having a late nighter activity at the YMCA.  Join us for a fun night of swimming, volleyball, basketball, karaoke, games, snacks, and fun!!!

Plan to drop off and pick up at the Spartan YMCA.

Cost: $5 per person

How to register: Put your student’s name and $5 in an envelope and seal it.  Then place it in the red box by the information booth.

When to register: Starting today, ending Wednesday March 25th.  This is a firm ending – I need to turn in numbers to the YMCA.

Who: students in grades 3rd – 6th, feel free to invite a friend (they must have a parent release form turned in by the night of the event, click HERE  for the form. Make sure this is included with their registration, or brought with them completed on March 27th.  They will not be allowed to stay without it.)

What to bring: bathing suits (girls – no midriff showing so either a one piece or something with a shirt over it, boys no speedos), gym shoes, change of clothes or wear gym clothes.

What NOT to bring: phones, ipods, mp3 players, tablets, video games, money, any valuables – if you have any questions please contact Stacey Post.  If these items are brought, they will be put in a box in a secure place until the end of the night.  We are not responsible for damage/loss/etc.  so it is best to leave these at home.

Snacks: Bring a snack to share – salty, sweet, fruity, etc. There will be a snack room where we will put out various snacks, if your child has an allergy, we will have a spot designated for those snacks. *ALSO – BRING A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE TO USE DURING THE NIGHT!***

Games: If there is a board game or card type game that your student enjoys playing and would like to bring, we will have space for that as well. Just put a rubber band around it and label it with your name so that we can keep track of them in case of duplicate games.

Swim Test: Students who would like to go in the deep end of the pool will be asked to take a swim test.  If they pass they will be given a wrist band and allowed access to all areas of the pool.  Students who do not take the test or do not pass will be allowed in the shallow areas only.

Extra Parent Chaperones: If you would like to join us for the night, feel free! Add your name and $5 with your students.  It will be a fun night!  Siblings who are not within the age parameters are asked to stay home, it is designed for students with in this age grouping.  Thank you for your understanding.

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