Our students were introduced to the idea of being a “trader” at the beginning of the year.  We have defined a “trader” as:

someone who trades in worldly things for the thing s of God

by using their time, money and resources.”

Students and leaders then had the opportunity to choose a team that they wanted to be on for the year.  These teams vary from international, regional, local, and meeting the needs of our EverGreen Community.  Students will have an opportunity to serve on the team throughout the year on their Trader Nights.

What’s Next?

  • Watch the Trader video (above).
  • Talk with your student to see what team they chose to serve with. (If they have not had a chance to choose, are new to our programs, or you have a question email their youth director.  Stacey Post 3rd-8th – stacey@egm.org  or Laura Kiefer Sr. High – laura@egm.org)
  • Check the schedule to see when the Trader Nights are scheduled for their age group.
  • Read this article about how to teach kids to serve.

Want More? Check out these ministries that the community of EverGreen is supporting this year.

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