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Dave Sytsma from EGM is organizing a trip to Rehoboth, New Mexico the week of October 20-27, 2018. While in the beauty of the Southwest you will have service opportunities on campus at Rehoboth Christian School, in the Gallup area, or on the Navajo Reservation. See the culture and explore peaks and canyons while hiking or visiting a National Monument. Join the mission team as individuals, families, or a small group. Contact Dave Sytsma at 616-283-4495 or dsytsma@rcsnm.org

Together as a church, we will begin daily readings in Seeking God’s Face this week. If you don’t have a copy, there some still available in the courtyard! Here are some questions you can go through each week:

1. What picture of God did you see this week in Seeking God’s Face?
2. How did this picture help you to “Seek God’s Face?”
3. What picture of people did you see this week in Seeking God’s Face?
4. What helped you grow in these readings to create a vibrant community of passionate followers of Jesus living for God’s renown?
5. What did you struggle with in the reading this week?
6. How did the prayers shape you this week?
7. How do you need to apply what you read to your life?

No Thursday service.

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