Kids 4s-2nd grade will be singing on Palm Sunday – March 25! Kids meet in Sycamore room at 9:05 first service and 10:50 second service.

There will also be NO kids ministry on Easter, April 1 for 4s-2nd grade.
Nursery and 2s/3s is still available.

Together as a church, we will begin daily readings in Seeking God’s Face. If you don’t have a copy, there some still available in the courtyard!

This week is the last of our journey Exploring the Story together as we have been reading through Covenant History. To celebrate we will be having a special give-away at each service!

We now have community dinners for anyone who comes in our building on Thursday night at 6:30. Here for small group? A meeting? Or worship? Everyone is welcome to have some dinner served in the courtyard.

We also have nursery beginning for the Thursday evening service! Join us Thursday evenings at 7 for worship and bring your young kids along!

Artist Statement:
Lent : The Jericho Road
The road from Jericho to Jerusalem is a road that Jesus walked with His disciples the week before His death and resurrection. Jesus walked this road teaching and preparing His disciples for the choices they would have to make. Lent is a time of making choices and that is why this speaks to our hearts and minds. On the journey, Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan. It is a story of choices: giving vs withholding, being “dirty” vs being “clean,” trusting vs control, desperation vs denial, grace vs judgement, having a new life vs following on old ways. As Disciples of Christ we are on the journey, we have been rescued not from the world, but to be agents of renewal for the world.

On the Journey,

Liz DeVree and Mary Steenwyk

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THURSDAY 7:00 (Community Pizza at 6:30) & SUNDAY MORNING 9:15 & 11 WORSHIP
Pastor: Larry
2 Kings 24
Hopes of a King

How did we get here, how can we get out of here? A couple of questions that are often asked in times of struggle and crisis. How do you answer those questions. What does the picture of 3 different kings tell us the answer to those questions are? Join us Palm Sunday to find the ways we got where we are and how we can get out of here. 

There is one true story of the whole world: God’s story. Exploring this story is the most important thing we do for it teaches us how to live faithfully. Living faithfully is all about living in light of what is true rather than what is false or living in a way the reflects reality. We need to live faithfully to live well.  

Explore the Story a journey of brokenness and hope, highs and lows, with God always at the center of the story and showing us how to live faithfully in his good but fallen world. 

As you read through Kings, here is a video that will help you process what you are reading!


March 25
Join us Sunday night with Pastor Tom Kragt as he talks on overcoming a painful childhood and how it effects your adult life.