The senior high is kicking off with an escape room event. Laura is organizing our very own escape room. She needs 9 chess boards, 9 bike locks, and 9 lock boxes. If you have any of those things you could lend briefly, Laura needs them for September 10. Connect with or just simply bring them into the office when you can!

Sunday, September 10 will be when we officially launch the new year! There is a lot starting up including kids birth – 2nd will advance to their newly assigned rooms, senior high youth group will begin Sunday night at 6, and the Recovery service will kick off at 5:30. September 10 is also the start of a new sermon series along with celebration Sunday!

Mary Steenwyk & Liz DeVree – Whole Live Worship!
Worship focuses our life and gives us a fresh insight. As we lift our eyes to God we see Christ restoring and redeeming all things. His transforming calls us to action; inspiring our speech, guiding our work, and focusing our hearts.  The shapes and colors of the artwork speak to the joy and worship that happens in all of life. The focus that happens through the lens of worship is the catalyst. Everything we do is worship!


Current 4 Corners offering

Lakeshore Lifeworks Ministries is a missionary outreach program which links the Body of Christ to aging out foster youth and displaced youth in West Michigan. Their aim is to fulfill the Great Commission; to go and make disciples of the fatherless, through housing, biblical training, employment, and life skills.

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So if you were raised to life with the king, search for the things that are above, where the king is seated at God’s right hand! Think about the things that are above, not the things that belong on the earth. Don’t you see: you died, and your life has been hidden with the king, in God! When the king is revealed (and he is your life, remember), then you too will be revealed with him in glory. Colossians 3.1-4

August 20, 2017
Worship Times: 9:15 & 11:00 am

Pastor: Larry Doornbos
Whole Life Worship: Fresh Insights

We often search to find something by careful, diligent investigation from car keys to that lost shoe to that missing cell phone.  Paul writes to the Colossians  and tells themto learn something by careful investigation. If they learn this says Paul, it will change their lives. What is it that they are to be searhing for? How does this search lead to Sunday worship and Monday life?