This Summer will kick off our first annual Trader Trips for egm youth!

7th/8th grade will be sticking with an organization and site that we have used for many years – CSM Chicago.  Groups have gone here in the past, but only for a weekend.  Students and chaperones have said this is one of the best opportunity they have participated in, so, we are VERY excited  to participate in the summer program.

The web site for CSM (Center for Student Mission) is HERE.  There is a lot of information about Chicago, what they do, and at the bottom there is a SAMPLE schedule.  We will be on a 5 day trip, so it will look a little different.

For information about what to bring:  CLICK HERE.

In order to reserve our spots, we have paid for the spots upfront.  Therefore, we have limited the size of the group, and we also need you to commit to the spot once you sign up.  This is an expensive trip, we do not want anyone who would like to attend be hindered by the cost.  Please contact Stacey for information about how to offset this cost.

Parents who would like to help coordinate fundraisers, contact me at




Parent Meeting – June 19th

(between services and after second service – plan to attend one)

Final Payment will be due on or before Parent Meeting.

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