We are looking for 6 students who would like to intern with us this summer for 8 weeks starting in June. You will be learning leadership characteristics, how to live into God’s story, and will serve in the local community using what you have learned throughout the week.

A typical work week involves working Wednesdays from 9am-4pm (bring your own lunch). Thursdays we will meet from 9am-noon. This is the schedule for the weeks that we don’t have a trip.


Each student is asked to fill out an application to be turned in by March 15th. This is important, as each application will go through a review and acceptance process. We try to have a mix of students (male/female, different grades/different schools). We will let applicants know their status by April 1st.

At the end of the summer, each intern will be required to pick a mentor and meet with them twice a month.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Laura Kiefer at laura@egm.org or 616-836-9130. P.S. Did I mention you get paid? $500!


  • to equip students to become leaders
  • to discover your strengths and how to build on them
  • to give tangible opportunities to act on knowledge
  • to become a more passionate follower of Jesus

Summer Schedule (dates outside of normal weekly hours):

June 12               Meet the team and discover your strengths

June 13-16         “Journey” Trip up north for camping and team building

July 10-16          Mission Trip to Houston

July 31-Aug 1    Arts Camp Volunteering

Aug 5                  Day Away Celebration at Scholtens’ Cottage

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