Individuals with special needs are encouraged to be a part of all ministries that EverGreen has to offer. To assist in this, we will work to meet each individual’s needs in collaboration with the Special Needs Ministry Team, trained volunteers, parents or guardians of the individual, and the individual him or herself. We desire the full participation of each individual in our congregation in order to meet EverGreen’s vision of becoming passionate followers of Jesus.

Smaller Classrooms

A smaller classroom setting with more individualized support is available for children ages 4 through 2nd grade. Children may be placed in this classroom after assessing with the team that this is the best place for them to learn and grow. Curriculum will be similar to that of the other classrooms but may be tailored to suit the child’s needs. Similar aged peers may also be placed in this classroom if desired by both the parents of the peer and the child with special needs.

Guided Breaks

If needed, a child may take a break from the group. This break will be taken with the Special Needs Ministry team member serving for that service. The break may include a walk, getting a drink, or other activities. Specific ideas will be listed per child in their individual plan.

Learning Aids

Individuals may use learning aids to help them focus during ministry. These may include but are not limited to fidget-type gadgets, sensory bags, large print materials, etc. These can be used in the small group and/or large group.


An individual may be assigned a buddy to aid them in their time in ministry. This individual will stay with the individual and assist them as needed.

Testimony from a volunteer, Mary:

“I’ve been involved in the special needs ministry at EGM for a year and a half. It has been been such a blessing. Once a month, I have the privilege of spending my Sunday morning in the classroom with a 4 year old boy with special needs. Watching my little buddy go from tears at drop off to fully participating in worship and classroom activities has been absolutely amazing. It’s hard to describe the joy it brings me knowing that our team contributed to making church a happy and safe place for him. I’m so thankful to be a part of this ministry.”

Testimony from a parent, Torie:

“The special needs ministry at EGM has given our entire family a chance to worship together. It’s let my son see church as a safe place and therefore it has strengthened his faith forever.”


Tiffany J. Louzon, Special Needs Ministry Coordinator
616-669-7700 | tiffany@egm.org
Office Hours-Tuesdays 9-3