Wondering what your small group is doing this month?  Check below!

  • 12th/11th/9th Grade Guys: meet at egm at 6pm to head to BAM! for laser tag – eat dinner beforehand – bring money for snacks and any video games you might want to play – return to egm for pick-up at 8pm
  • 12th Grade Girls (Vogel/Rood/Gort): meet at egm at 6pm to head down to Rosa Park Circle for ice skating and then to Biggby for hot cocoa – bring money for skating and cocoa – will return to egm at 8pm – wear footie pajamas
  • 11th Grade Girls: meet at Olivia Trumble’s house (1637 Broadview Dr, Jenison) from 6-8pm – eat beforehand and bring things to make a photo scene (like Olivia does…)
  • 10th Grade Guys: meet at Ben Meyer’s house (8330 Briar Ln, Jenison) on Wed. Jan. 6th from 6-8:30pm for a movie night – bring $ for pizza
  • 10th Grade Girls (Meyer/Szymanski): will be heading to Winter Jam.  Eat beforehand and bring $10 for your ticket.  Your leaders will text you with the time to meet at church to head downtown.
  • 10th Grade Girls (Steigenga): meet at Jenna Kermeen’s house (3942 Byron Rd, Hudsonville) from 5-8pm – bring food to share, a white elephant gift, and a $10 gift
  • 9th Grade Girls: meet at 6pm at Applebee’s for dinner – wear an ugly Christmas sweater and bring money for dinner – pick up at egm at 8pm
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