The Process

Each student will meet with their mentor for eight separate sessions and discuss the material in the I Believe curriculum.  The lessons focus on who is God, who is Jesus, who is the Holy Spirit, how am I gifted, what are the sacraments we celebrate and why, etc.  The student will also make a personal creed or statement of faith that reflects their heart and desire to follow Jesus.

The Mentor

This might be one of the most important roles a person can play in someone’s life.  Each student is paired up with a mentor who is visibly following passionately after Jesus.  This mentor is dedicated to making sure that your students knows what it means to profess Jesus as Lord and Savior and helps the student put practical habits into place to continue to grow in their faith.

The Outcome

Hopefully by the end of this journey, each student will have discovered more about who they are created to be, a deeper love for God, a desire to continue to grow, an understanding that this is just the beginning of a great journey of becoming a more passionate follower of Jesus, and a desire to want to share their faith with those who don’t know Him.

What Others Have Said

Brandi VanHouten
"The mentor/mentee relationship has been so instrumental in the development of my faith that it is an honor to give back in this way. I have loved finding creative ways to connect the girls with authentic faith and I treasure those relationships. Its hard not to come away with a renewed and refreshed desire to bring Glory to God."
Luke Kuiper
"Going through the Profession of Faith process with Todd Bos as my mentor was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to grow in my faith and learn more about how I want to live like a good Christian."
Todd Bos
"As mentors, our main goal is not to give more facts about God to the youth; it is to allow God to work a heart - changing transformation in the lives of the youth at EGM which can only happen by the power of God's amazing grace." (A mentors thought from this text: Titus 3:5)

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