Fall Camp…quite possibly the best investment of maximizing our time with your students.  We get 46 hours with them throughout the course of the year and this camp gives us an extra 42 hours non-stop.  Sound like fun?  Well it sure will be!

  • 9 square, game room, broomball, etc.
  • Relevant and engaging teachings by staff and leaders
  • Killer band that will rock our students faces off
  • Incredible hang-out time in small groups with small group leaders
  • Surprisingly amazing camp food
  • Late night games, campfires and s’mores
  • And so much more…

The first weekend of November, over 200 students and leaders will be heading to Camp Geneva for a 3 day intensive teaching and team-building weekend.  There will be everything from crazy games to life-changing conversations.  Don’t wait.  Don’t put registration off.  Read our FAQs and Register today.

When is Fall Camp?

Friday, Nov. 1st through Sunday, Nov. 3rd.

What ages is Fall Camp for?

There will be 4 different camps running at the same time.

  • Elementary Camp: 3rd-5th
  • Middle School Camp: 6th-8th
  • Sr. High Camp: 9th-12th

Why send all age groups on the same weekend?

By taking all age groups, we are able to keep our costs lower if we split the camp.  We combine resources, staff and energy to pull off something better than we could if we separated the age groups.  We consider this weekend to be a major spiritual investment in the lives of our students and leaders.  This also gives our parents one weekend dedicated to our ministries instead of four different weekends.

How will I know what to bring?

Once registered, a confirmation will be sent including a packing list.

What time does Fall Camp begin on Friday and end on Sunday?

We will departing at 5:30pm on Friday (with dinner at 6:30pm) and will return to worship together on Sunday morning at EGM at the 11:00am service.  Students can be picked up after that service.

How are the students traveling to camp?

We will be arranging a carpool list.  Any parents willing to help transport students to and from camp would be greatly appreciated, email laura@egm.org.  There might even be some free coffee and hot chocolate!

Does this mean that 3rd graders are going to be hanging out with 12th graders?

As much as some students might like that, the rest of us are thinking absolutely not.  Evergreen is taking over Geneva for the weekend, but the students are in different parts of the camps for age appropriate activities.

Okay, this was thorough, but I still have questions.

No worries.  You can send an email to laura@egm.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can!