A Note from Laura & the evergreen team,

After careful consideration and many conversations, we have decided not to host Evergreen Arts Camp in person at Evergreen this Summer. We feel a deep obligation to carefully manage the large-group gatherings that we typically host in our building. We feel that by making some alterations to our Art programing this summer, we will be able to do our part in keeping our communities safe.

We will deeply miss seeing our Arts Camp Students and friends during that week, but we also have a ton of ways to stay connected to your students, and their desire to learn and try new things.

We’re excited to present our Vision 20/20 Summer Art Challenge! Beginning the week of June 15, there will be 8 weeks of creative prompts for our students and their families to dive into together. Each week there will be a visual arts prompt and a non-visual arts prompt. These prompts will include grade-level appropriate projects that students can engage with, links and resources to help students and families learn about whichever medium the prompt is about, and ways that students and their families can impact their neighborhoods and communities with that art and those skills!

We will then have digital spaces to share ideas, resources, and projects, and the Evergreen Arts Camp team will create a digital presentation space where all of the projects and work produced by our Arts Camp Community can be viewed and shared with friends and family!

Our first week of 2020 Summer Art Challenge prompts will go live on June 15. You can find them on our website at egm.org/artscamp and our other social media platforms.

We’re excited to see the awesome art that our community is going to produce this summer!

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