Making Passionate Followers of Jesus

When you get right down to it EverGreen Ministries is all about making passionate followers of Jesus. We are devoted to showing God’s love to our neighbors both here and around the world. We strive to live genuine lives before God, others, and the world around us. We make ourselves open to being healed of our addictions, hurts, and destructive habits and walk beside others in this process too. We believe that to become a passionate follower of Jesus, we all need to be devoted to studying and living out the Scriptures while also becoming a person of prayer.

Why We Exist

EverGreen is a community of faith being renewed by the Holy Spirit to passionately follow Jesus by participating in the transformation of lives and communities (loving God and loving people) to spread God’s name and renown.


Text/Scripture (primary)

Reformed Theology (secondary) CRCNA

Creeds & Confessions (secondary)
The Apostles’ Creed – Read it
The Nicene Creed – Read it
The Heidelberg Catechism – Read it
Our World Belongs to God – Read It

Core Values

Experimentation, Permission to fail, Think outside the box, Continuous improvement

Outward Focus
People, Partnerships, Churches, World

Love people, Grace given, Change expected, Truth telling

We are broken. God calls us to healing and wholeness. In his power, we allow God to heal our relationships, remove our addictions and redeem our pain.

Aspirational Values



Sense of Urgency


Permission to Participate Values

Respect Others

Respect Leadership

How will we succeed?

Strategic Anchors

We provide high quality, life changing, resource-wise opportunities for life change

We are Biblically and theologically friendly

We participate in God’s mission in line with our Spirit given strengths

Stepping into Passionately Following Jesus

Service: We follow the Spirit in serving people and communities with justice, acts of kindness, and witnessing to the gospel story.

Text: We listen to and diligently study the text knowing the Spirit uses the text to lead and renew us.

Authenticity: We discover in the Text the meaning of being “a new creation” in Christ and we discover how he has uniquely formed us to live passionately follow Jesus.

Recovery: We deal with our fractured lives to open the door to the Spirit’s renewal.

Community: We grow in and live out passionately following Jesus in community. We participate in the life of the egm community in worship, in giving, through caring for others, and being accountable for being personal renewed by the Spirit.

Prayer: We pray with thanksgiving for God, for renewal, pray for strength to be renewed, and pray for God’s transformation of lives and communities.

EverGreen Ministries’ Ends

People who come into contact with EverGreen Ministries (EGM) will have the opportunity to participate in worship services where they can praise God by giving to his work, listening to his word, singing his praises, and praying. People can also connect with the EGM community and experience life change as the Spirit works in their lives.

  1. As a first priority, people in our local community and people who attend EGM will grow as passionate followers of Christ within a community of grace.
    1. Those who are unchurched or who are not actively involved at EGM will experience an accepting and supportive community and become passionate followers of Christ.
    2. People who call EGM home and are actively involved will grow as passionate followers of Christ.
  2. As a second priority, EverGreen Ministries will use at least 10% of its budget to ensure that its classical and denominational partners have the needed support to complete their missions.
  3. As a third priority, EverGreen Ministries will provide support to communities outside of West Michigan so that their needs are met in a compassionate and transformative way.

Our Journey

God has blessed EverGreen Ministries in a variety of ways throughout the years, allowing her to become a place of worship, healing, acceptance, self acceptance, and love for many. From her humble beginning up to present day, she continues to grow and reach out to the world around to bring love, hope, and acceptance to the community. Since the beginning of her journey, the things that remain important to EverGreen are acceptance for all no matter what the circumstances, innovation in worship, and an outward focus.



Brittany Breuker

Birth-2nd Grade Kids Ministry Director

Wally Brower


Larry Doornbos

Lead Pastor & Director of Small Groups

Deb Hibbard

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Music & Productions

Jerry Jacques

Small Group Coach


Tom Kragt

Pastor of Recovery and Congregational Life

David Kremers

Administrative Assistant to Student Ministries & Recovery Ministries

Adam Locker

Director of Operations & Worship

Tiffany Louzon

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Laura Male

Director of Youth 9th-12th Grade

Laurie Penning

Hospitality & Assimilation Coordinator

Holly Van Laar

Communications Coordinator

Chris Vredevoogd

Kids Hope Director & Director of Youth 3rd-6th Grade

Dan Westveer

Director of Youth 7th and 8th grade