What are Trader Trips?

Well, first let’s start with, what is a trader?  A trader is someone who exchanges worldly things for the things of God by using their time, money and resources.  At EverGreen Ministries, we are all about making passionate followers of Jesus.  We do this by helping the youth of our community KNOW, GROW and GO.  Trader Trips are an opportunity for our students to GO…

…explore ways to serve that utilizes their gifts
…build relationships as they serve with their peers
…experience people from different lifestyles, cultures, and geographical locations
…see God actively at work in our lives and the people around us


7th/8th Team:  Chicago, IL {March 22-24, 2019}

Chicago is so much more than just a beautiful skyline.  At CSM (City/Service/Mission) Chicago, we serve alongside 60 partners who are working for justice and peace in the city.  Students will partner in prayer, as well as service, as they seek to further His kingdom in Chicago.  Students will travel around the city by van.  Registration deadline to sign up is Mar. 1st, 2019.
7th-8th Grade | Cost: $75 | Team Size: 12

Sr. High Team:  West Virginia {July 6-13, 2019}

We will be partnering with Psalm 23 Camp in Gap Mills, WV.  Psalm 23 Camp involves teens in projects in Monroe County that assist elderly, disabled and other needy families with home repair and maintenance projects.  Students will be doing everything from painting to minor home repairs to construction projects.  Students will travel around the city by van.  Registration deadline to sign up is Nov. 11th, 2018.


9th-12th Grade | Cost: $450 | Deposit: $100 | Team Size: 50